Dec 12, 2010

Here Needs Love

Ready for some fringes and glitter?
Yesterday night was the 7th edition of High Needs Low, as usually converting the Congress train station into a club. I think it’s so typical for Brussels to use train stations for parties, we take ‘underground’ too literally, me thinks. I didn’t take any pictures of the dancefloor because with so many hipsters showing up this time the party atmosphere was very different from the previous editions. High Needs Low is evolving and is no longer a lo-fi selfmade production.
This time the High Needs Low crew collaborated with Hunting and Collecting, who in turn collaborated with Confetti System, hence all the fringy and glittery decorations in the lounge area (where I basically spent all night). I gave one of those piñatas to a friend for his birthday once, but we still don’t dare to look inside, even though it seems to have a hatch for all the confetti to go in. Well may be one day, when we’re roaring drunk, we’ll just grab a stick and smash it, and then glue all the confetti to the floor and make a permanent installation…which may look a bit like this:

The Confetti System duo + Hunting and Collecting duo.

The anatomy of a piñata powered by too many shots of Jagermeister. .. everyone had a go at it. FUN!

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