Mar 21, 2011

Brico, here I come!

And I hope you have those Y-shaped splitters.

Guillaume Henry (Carven) @ Hunting and Collecting Brussels

Carven at Hunting and Collecting

So here’s another historic event and its ‘historic’ documentation. It was a full house at Hunting and Collecting, believe me! but somehow every time I take a picture it looks like I’ve been to a desolate island full of fashion treasures. Carven’s first season at Hunting and Collecting has been marked by a massive launch event and just as massive afterparty. Unfortunately I missed Guillaume Henry – the designer who has resurrected the old French label, but you can watch a small interview with him above.

This is probably irrelevant to the event, but I am glad to see Vanessa Aerts’ jewellery being sold here.

Later at Kafka the light has changed – what is usually pure and white turns all colourful and glittery – it was time for the afterparty! Excuse me for having a piss-poor knowledge of popular music as I can’t tell Prince from George Michael, but that’s what the De Jeunes Gens Modernes DJ set consisted of, queuing hit (so was I told) after hit. Many thanks to my fellow bloggers for a history lesson of the 80’s pop culture and an occasional but recurrent feeling that I was partying with the Dutch on a camping somewhere in south of France.

Next up were my feline darlings, Aspen Tigers, slamming one electro track after another. I couldn’t keep my feet from a merry shuffle on the dancefloor. Evidence – the blurry snapshots as the night grew older. All I can add is a massive round of applause to Aude and Niels and everyone else who made this lovely evening happen. The good thing is – we know they’ll do it again.

somewhere in Finland

Oh those Scandinavians! Every time I see yet another interior I’m amazed at their sense of proportion, colour combination, and simply effortless and cosy mish-mash of all things beautiful. I’m sure to rip off the kitchen idea to the tiniest detail in my new home. Graphic black vinyl sticker – genious!
Today I felt like I needed to breath the cold digital winter air…I felt that my current position in blogosphere was suffocating me…I took a ride out into the infinite snowy fields and filled my lungs anew…and I felt that I needed to share.

This is a more personal and honest part of what I do. I run an image blog ± (Various Sources) on Tumblr, write a good old fashion blog .origami mon ami since 2006, and since recently publish a fashion fanzine Various Sources. All Brussels-based, I’m no globe-trotter, although I do explore the Northern part of the Old Continent with immense pleasure.

I want to share what I think, see, like, wear, buy, want, make, do, visit, love, know, discover, find, lose, keep, get, give, take, share