Jan 21, 2011


The air is sinister. Even if I like when it moves in Brussels. There are still a lot of things left to comprehend after yesterday’s visit to De Lu Xe opening night.
If you’re not too familiar with what goes on in the BXL, you may make no connection between the former Moustache Collectif activities (previously showing at Norden and Congress Station) and those of De Lu Xe, but I assure you – it’s one and the same group/collective. Moustache got renamed (cod knows why!) and opened a new pop up store in the rue des Melezes. The store will remain open for three weeks, and I’m most likely to go down there once again, just to take some decent pictures and to see the items they are selling in a good close-up and without the DJ throwing any Otto Von Schirach or S4lem in.
I don’t mean to be mean, but I haven’t experienced any coherence in the whole of the presentation, since it brought together too many different people, too many different styles and forms of expression. But once again, I’ll make time for the second assessment, in the meanwhile feel free to figure it out yourself.

May scroll help us all.

Jan 18, 2011

up north

Did I promise to stay away from press releases? Not for too long. It’s fun to see the blog evolve and collect the first signs of the blog’s new age – press releases. This one came straight from Denmark, and as you know my heart is feeble for all things Scandinavian, I let this one take up a whole post.

The Danish swimwear brand North may provide you with the beach basics of the unsettling simplicity, but that’s a nod to the Scandinavian approach to most of design – pure and simple timeless minimalistic style and carefully worked details with a contemporary edge. The entire range is a mix-and-match set of shapes when it comes to the separates, but also includes one-piece, towels, bags and men’s swimwear.
I randomly clicked around the press package and picked out the one-piece. There’s no structure or geometry, but it’s the kind of swimwear you go back to when everything else fails. Personally, I am not too keen on colours and frills, so the North’s basics are right down my alley.
On a side-note: who else to model for North’s lookbook but the beautiful Ingrid of Anywho. Take a look.
Today I felt like I needed to breath the cold digital winter air…I felt that my current position in blogosphere was suffocating me…I took a ride out into the infinite snowy fields and filled my lungs anew…and I felt that I needed to share.

This is a more personal and honest part of what I do. I run an image blog ± (Various Sources) on Tumblr, write a good old fashion blog .origami mon ami since 2006, and since recently publish a fashion fanzine Various Sources. All Brussels-based, I’m no globe-trotter, although I do explore the Northern part of the Old Continent with immense pleasure.

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