Dec 10, 2010

the owl friday

Waking up to the fog and the dim light is not always fun, it feels like there’s no day unless you do something. I’m in a horrible writer’s block these past weeks and I just can’t get around writing anything substantial for my zine. Having to postpone the second issue release date has drowned me. So to remember that this Friday has ever happened I went shopping (yes, you are allowed to laugh at this). I passed by H&M, which I don’t do that often – it tires me to see heaps of stuff piled up one on top of another – so when I go in I pretend it’s a department store, I visit only one section at a time and in about a month I’ll visit the other one…or so I say, but then never have enough courage. All the same I went directly to H&M Trend picked up some stuff, chose the best colour and in a matter of twenty minutes I was out with two pieces: a polkadot skirt and an olive button-down.

Polkadots aren’t a huge thing in my wardrobe…neither is colour olive, but H&M price tags leave enough room for experiment. Or may be it’s a stupid idea I’ve got in my head? I rarely dare to buy special colours and print from more expensive brands or designers, thinking that on paying the nth sum of money I want to wear the piece as many times as possible and as long as possible too. I don’t want it to be good for one season only, hence the amount of black I own. And just may be I should buy the strong colours and the recognizable shapes instead, like all those Dries Van Noten customers I have – they are proud to wear a heavily printed and the bright coloured skirt from five seasons ago without ever saying ‘oh that’s so last season’. I think they are proud because they wear the pieces created by their favourite designer, they are pretty sure of themselves and their position in society to wear what they like…and those ‘old’ pieces look great worn with new ones.
But what am I to do if the brands I prefer to buy are mainly trend-led. What am I to do with this season’s ACNE, Opening Ceremony or Stine Goya come year 2015? I work hard to be able to afford a couple of pieces each, but would anyone be stalking my Opening Ceremony clog boots in five years from now, like they are stalking the Margiela tabis? I really doubt it…
All that long paragraph is only to say that I’m free to experiment when it costs peanuts, but just may be I should get a hold of a few strong pieces that are made to last…

When I got home from my quickie shopping spree the ASOS package was waiting at the doorstep. The bird claw bracelet has arrived and it feels like there’s a giant owl clasping at my wrist…so here it is, my Friday full of trophies.

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Today I felt like I needed to breath the cold digital winter air…I felt that my current position in blogosphere was suffocating me…I took a ride out into the infinite snowy fields and filled my lungs anew…and I felt that I needed to share.

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