Dec 14, 2010


I’ll be living off fries and cokes from today on. Hunting and Collecting started a presale, and I can call myself officially broke after one visit. I should mention HAPPY though. I bought the gorgeous Rag&Bone blouse…silk+leather, and it all winds up to the nth number on the price tag. I wish I could buy more, I wish I could earn a million and not think about how much anything costs. But then...
Today my parents asked me what I want for Christmas, and I said that I don’t need anything because I have all I ever wanted…within the reasonable, but it’s true, even if it leaves me broke at times. The best way of getting all you want is being honest to yourself not wanting things you can’t get. You can laugh at this, but I made it work for me because I didn’t want to spend a worthless life chasing after a ghost. A lot of what we do is a product of someone’s marketing strategy anyways.

Rag&Bone shirt, Margiela joggers, ASOS bracelet, grey nailpolish Barry M

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Today I felt like I needed to breath the cold digital winter air…I felt that my current position in blogosphere was suffocating me…I took a ride out into the infinite snowy fields and filled my lungs anew…and I felt that I needed to share.

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