Jan 12, 2011

Toppers does Antwerp

I’ve heard strange news about the Topshop takeover of Belgian stores…shall we laugh about it? be excited about it? I have no answer.
What’s with Toppers being sold at luxury concept stores? Isn’t it the nearest comparable thing to H&M?
After Hunting and Collecting, RA13 joins onto the Topshop craze. They will be the first ones to bring the brand to Antwerp. I’ll stick to my mixed feeling about it until I see the clothes in person, for now I’ll go back to planning my trip to London for the Autumn/Winter 2011 Fashion Week. It’s comes close.
And just for the sake of posting it, here’s some gorgeous randomness I’d love to possess. See some Topshop lurking in.

Topshop cardigan

MiuMiu bag

United Bamboo blouse

Stine Goya trousers

Doc Martens shoes

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