Oct 23, 2011

the volga route

The greying skies of the golden autumn, some wanderers like we are, the traffic is sparse. This new motorway…no it’s not a tiny road between two villages, it’s E22 route between Moscow and Ivanovo. You just don’t expect to see anything else than a tank station…and just for those who believe to drive on the ordinary route, there’s the magnificent village of Ozherelki!
The dull landscape turns into a drive-through Dreamland megastore – every house on that route has a huge stand littered with all kinds of extra-large stuffed toys. They are almost the size of a human – neon colours and cheap synthetic fur galore! You get astonished on seeing the first stand, but then there’s another one and another one and another one…

Умом Россию не понять,
Аршином общим не измерить. 

У ней особенная стать, 
В Россию можно только верить!

(Russia cannot be understood, cannot be measured, she’s of a rare kind, one can believe in her)

Fyodor I. Tyutchev

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