Oct 2, 2011

it kind of feels like a new start.

the blogger window has changed so much that i have trouble orientating within the page which previously felt like home. now it's all clean and white. i'm an old-skool blogger, i don't add any feeds or location to my posts. well, noone said it is necessary  in order to spill your thoughts out on internet. right?

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Today I felt like I needed to breath the cold digital winter air…I felt that my current position in blogosphere was suffocating me…I took a ride out into the infinite snowy fields and filled my lungs anew…and I felt that I needed to share.

This is a more personal and honest part of what I do. I run an image blog ± (Various Sources) on Tumblr, write a good old fashion blog .origami mon ami since 2006, and since recently publish a fashion fanzine Various Sources. All Brussels-based, I’m no globe-trotter, although I do explore the Northern part of the Old Continent with immense pleasure.

I want to share what I think, see, like, wear, buy, want, make, do, visit, love, know, discover, find, lose, keep, get, give, take, share