Oct 9, 2011

to the finnish

yesterday i walked into the new armchair and almost broke my toe...curious how those little accidents can fuel my creativity! inspired by a lovely finnish blog Weekday Carnival, i'm considering painting more walls, installing some vintage Tomado shelves and actually making my own coffee table. the finnish people do it - why can't i?

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next week one fashion blogger is coming to take pictures at my place, and with all the projects in my head i'm starting to stress a little. i have never let anyone take pictures of my home and my personal belongings before, so i wonder how that will go. these two photos are a tiny 'preview' of what my place is about, and today i've added some details - the legs of my dining table are green now (supposedly matching a picture frame in my living room and a wall in my veranda, y'know). i've used some left-over window sticker vynil to cover the bottom part of the table legs.

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Today I felt like I needed to breath the cold digital winter air…I felt that my current position in blogosphere was suffocating me…I took a ride out into the infinite snowy fields and filled my lungs anew…and I felt that I needed to share.

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