Feb 9, 2011

Rodarte for Opening Ceremony

I can cry and laugh all together! What else is one to do when the most amazing collaboration in retail history so far drops in stores. I need to find the way to make an official statement somehow about my endless affection for Opening Ceremony – it is truly my most fetish brand. But when they do this (scroll down!), I only want to cry: “Why??!!”
Why torture one poor little girl who lives in a far-faraway Belgium by such unfair display of beautiful things she cannot afford?
I’ve been really modest, assessing every piece whether I really want and need it, and this is the list of things I most certainly need:

The grand total hits just under 4000 bucks. I swear to buy a lottery ticket tomorrow, because the good old plan of marrying an oil mogul hasn’t been in much evolvement at the moment. Finding some scraps of upholstery fabric and putting them to good use is yet another solution, I could make a skirt or a coat…ideas ideas!
One thing I cannot make is the sunglasses. I want the fabric-covered ones and will probably place an order tonight, when I decide on the colour. It’s true that the blue on white is the logical choice for my Snow White complexion, but the mauve on beige is the most complimentary to the summer tan. Difficult choice.

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