Feb 10, 2011


If I feel like socializing without moving a muscle, I leave a couple of comments on facebook, blogs and Tumblr. If I feel like going shopping, I do it remotely, from the comfort of my home. Sometimes it feels like we’d function perfectly well even if reduced to a brain and two fingers(that’s for the laptop’s touchpad and left-click button…)…one for Apple users, they’ve got the left-click on their touchpad, right?
Made up my mind about the colour of the Rodarte for OC sunglasses, and indeed it is mauve. Hurry up Mr. Postman!

ASOS – I do love thee for the infinite supply of cheapies, perfect designer rip-offs and good honest service with the occasional free international delivery. Ann-Sofie Back may have assumed the spikes to be placed around the neck and be at least ten times longer, but ASOS keeps it simple, by selling me this spike-through-finger ring at 8£. Well done!

Time to go rummage through piles of fabrics, draw some patterns and get cutting and sewing.

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Today I felt like I needed to breath the cold digital winter air…I felt that my current position in blogosphere was suffocating me…I took a ride out into the infinite snowy fields and filled my lungs anew…and I felt that I needed to share.

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